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Time And Relationships: Sexiness Can Survive

by:Sunspice      2020-04-29
People in relationships spend so much time worrying about how to keep love alive. While it is human nature, it is debilitating to the relationship. If we could learn to flow with love, we would be better off. If we could simply learn our partner and their ways, then what we have to do to keep them intrigued would be all the easier. I stress this often, friendship is imperative in any relationship. When you are friends, there is greater knowledge of one another, greater understanding of each others ways, and, more tolerance of things which we do not care for. Without friendship, the relationship is simply a bunch of feelings, which have nothing or little to root to. Friendship is that root which allows love to blossom and grow beyond time expectancy. Ask any couple who has been together for a long period of time and they will tell you that they are best friends. Being friends with the one you love is building a foundation which will not shift with life. When we have friendship in our love relationships, it is easier to flow with time. We have each other for support, encouragement, compassion, and many other factors which increase the love itself... Without friendship, we have passion, which is not a bad thing, but, if that is ALL there is, it often dies, as it has nothing to feed it, and, while sex and physical love are needed in making a relationship, it surely is not a strong enough foundation to build on. Some who were initially attracted by physical desire have survived, but, that is because they ultimately became friends in the process. Relationships are tough, especially in the hands of time. People over analyze the effects of time. Instead, they could be spending that time finding ways to keep romance and attraction alive and well. It need not be viewed as a chore, rather as a nurturing, especially if they are in it for the long haul. Let's say a man and a woman have been married/together for 20 years. They have gone through a lot together. Their minds have changed many times in these years, their spirits have changed, and, their bodies have changed. Many people who are aging decide that they are not sexy anymore. Please! Sexy is not just about body, it is an attitude and using that attitude! It is about confidence from within which will shine without! It is something which cannot be touched, but, which makes your partner want to touch you! Being sexy does not have to involve showing the body. It is better to showcase the body in certain ways; this is another usefulness for lingerie. Lingerie and showcasing should be synonymous. We do not have to show lots of skin in order to look sexy. When a person is confident and secure in their womanhood/manhood, there is a natural sexiness which is present. Add to that some allure, such as a lovely satin robe with a seductive gown beneath, hair and face in place, some accessories, and the right timing; well, no matter what age, she is going to be hot to her mate. It doesn't matter if she is hot to you or me, all that matters is that she is hot to her man, and, he to her. We cannot limit ourselves when it comes to appeal to our mate. We also, cannot limit our mind to believing that others would laugh at us, are they gonna be there? That is silly, that is lack of confidence, and, it is wasting precious time. Embrace your attributes and use them wisely. If you don't look good in something, find something which will look good on you. If you find that certain something which creates fire, then use it every so often, this will keep that relationship ever grounded, and, it will have both of you smiling, which will have everyone wondering why you are so happy after all of this time...
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