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Tips on Purchasing French Maid Sexy Costumes

by:Sunspice      2020-04-19
French maidservant sexy costumes are classic clothes that are made to resemble the uniform worn by the French maidservant during the ancient times. The French maidservant costume has a standard design including a black dress, white trim on the edge of the dress, and small apron. The apron is usually white in color. In addition, the costume comes with accessories such as hat, stockings and feather duster. The origin of the French servant costumes can be traced back to the burlesque show in Britain. The idea of such sexy clothes came from the pictures that are represented on the French postcard. Commedia dell'arte stock characters also play a role in the development of the French maid clothes. Nowadays, many people wear the French maid clothes as a sort of fantasy wear. Each manufacturer offers a slightly different variation of French servant costume. You can purchase such clothes from drugstore, costume shop and online store. The price range of the French maid lingerie costume ranges from $20 - $100. The online costume store offers more varieties compare to the local store. It is recommended that you browse all the online stores so that you can have a larger choice selection. If you have a big size body, you can buy the plus size French servant costume. They are designed for people that are fat and need larger costume to accommodate them. It has adjustable straps to fit you. Just like the standard costumes, plus size clothes come with lacy gloves, hair band, white apron and marabou pumps. Pregnant women can also wear French servant lingerie costumes. Maternity French maidservant costumes have adjustable bra cups to accommodate the growing size of the breast. It has an elastic band and belly support to sustain the belly of the pregnant woman.
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