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Top 10 Sexy Halloween Costumes Ideas For 2009

by:Sunspice      2020-06-24
This year you can choose a group of sexy costumes sure to be a hit at almost any Halloween party! If you're looking for the most popular sexy Halloween costumes this year, here's our pick of the top 10 Sexy Halloween costumes Ideas for 2009. 1. SEXY ROBIN SEXY COSTUME - Sexy Sidekick! Costume includes a red and green dress, yellow cape, green glovelets, yellow belt and eyemask. 2. OFFICER ARREST ME - Stop the bad guys in their tracks! It includes a button front dress with a detachable belt, vinyl hat and handcuffs. 3. CAPTAIN AMERICA - Be a true American Dream in this female version of Marvel's Captain America costume. This Sexy Prestige costume includes dress, boot covers, gloves and eye mask. 4. WATCHMEN SILK SPECTRE - A fearless fighter that loves the thrill! This super sleek costume includes a yellow and black romper, garters, gloves and boot tops. 5. LADY LUCK - Feeling lucky at love? It includes black and red halter dress with dice appliques , roulette wheel skirt and green arm warmers. 6. SHIPMATE CUTIE - Make all the First Mates salute! It includes a halter dress with double breasted buttons, rope belt with cute anchor charm & hat with anchor patch. 7. PINUP GIRL - A Classic Calendar Girl! It includes a low cut short sleeve dress with attached bolero. 8. SEXY SCOTTIE - This bonnie lass will tilt your kilt! Costume includes a dress with plaid skirt, shoulder tartan with shot glass loops, beret cap, 2 sock clips and 3 plastic shot glasses. 9. NURSE KANDI - You'll love her bedside manner! Costume includes a pink and white striped dress, a red and white apron with bow & matching headpiece. 10. SEXY VIXEN PIRATE WENCH - All the pirates will be mumbling 'Shiver me Timbers'! This sexy costume includes a red dress with peasant style top and flared skirt.
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