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Top 3 Places To Wear Your Sexy Santa Costume

by:Sunspice      2020-05-06
Did you just get yourself a Sexy Santa Costume? Well, you sure did make a wonderful choice. With this costume's oozing red got sexiness, you will surely win the attention of any man in any party. Even women will glance at you, envious at your newly found gorgeous form. But after the Christmas season is over and there are no more Christmas parties to attend until next year, where would you wear your knockout costume? It would be a waste if a gorgeous dress such as this will spend the rest of the calendar year hidden in the closet until the next snow flake falls. Luckily, the Sexy Santa Costume is one independent little imp. Even without the backing of Christmas, it can stand on its own and it will look positively gorgeous and attractive. Even when it is not Christmas, you definitely wear this costume. So to help you exploit this costume to the fullest extent, here are the top three places and situations wherein you can wear sexy fancy dress without having to feel awkward or guilty about it. Top One: Halloween Parties Alright, so this is a completely different holiday and a completely different celebration. So what on earth is the Sexy Santa Costume doing in a party ball populated with vampires, zombies and mummies? Believe it or not, this outfit, along with other Christmas character costumes, has always been a mainstay Halloween visitor. In fact, its presence is no longer unusual at all even though Christmas and Halloween are separated by a month and a half. Besides, Halloween costume parties are all about becoming whoever you want to become. And if it is your wish to become the Sexy Santa, then nobody has the right to stop you, right? Top Two: Stud/Shower Parties Alright, spit it out and admit it. The moment you saw the irresistibly sexy form and hypnotically attractive style of the Sexy Santa Costume, you did imagine it would be perfect for stud and shower parties right? Yes, it might be a naughty idea at best, but the combination just goes perfectly well together. For shower parties, girls can have lots of twisted fun together while all of them are wearing this costume, and perhaps while watching some live striptease. And for stud parties, guys will surely love women clad in this irresistible attire. Top 3: Birthday Parties Forget about children's party because that will be one of the last places you should be while wearing a costume as sexy as this. But when the party boy is all grown up, wearing this costume to his birthday party will be one of the best presents you can give him. Go ahead and tease him as you watch him fluster and blush. And if you did bring a boxed gift for him, the effect of handing it over to him will be much more exciting if you are wearing the Sexy Santa Costume. It will be so ironic, since Santa is the authority of gift giving. So if you have been thinking of stuffing that Sexy Santa Costume into the closet, well think again. There are so many other places and situations where you can wear it. And in each situation, this outfit will always reap attention.
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