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Understanding Different Types of Women's Dresses

by:Sunspice      2020-07-24
There are many different types of dresses, but how do you differentiate each one? There are different terms for these types of women's clothing. However, most fall into the following categories. Sundresses A sundress is worn during warmer weather such as the spring or summer. It is a more casual and usually has a looser fit. Sundresses are usually made of cotton and lightweight materials. There isn't a very specific style for sundresses. They can be many styles with different patterns and designs. However, sundresses are usually sleeveless and collarless. Basically a sun dress is comfortable and loose fitting that allows modest sun exposure to the skin while keeping you feeling cool. Sheath A sheath dress is a woman's dress that fits the body tightly. It is usually knee length or falls to the lower thighs. As a result, they are longer than cocktail dresses, and shorter than ballroom dresses. Sheath dresses can have spaghetti straps or be strapless. Bubble A bubble dress has a wide puffy skirt with any type of bodice top. It is usually loose in the middle and tappers at the bottom of the dress. The bubble dress has recently become more popular among teenagers and young adults. If the dress has a puffy skirt, then it is usually a bubble dress. Cocktail A cocktail dress is a woman's dress that is semi-formal and worn at cocktail parties. The length of the dress can vary. Short cocktail dresses will have a length above the knee, similar to a mini dress. Longer cocktail dresses can go all the way down to the ankles. Basically, a cocktail dress is a dress you wear when you go out in the evenings. Black is a popular color for cocktail dresses. Little Black Dress A little black dress is similar to cocktail style. They are usually very short with neutral colors. They have neutral styling, which make it in style for years. These are usually worn at cocktail parties, clubbing, or the night out. Military Military dresses resemble female attire in the army and military. These have become fashionable as casual or work attire. A military dress is identified as having a collar, front buttons, and multiple pockets. Many of these button up in the front. They usually have short sleeves and a length above the knee. One Shoulder A one shoulder dress is a woman's attire that has one should strap. With this clothing, one should is exposed, while the other should is covered. These can have short or long sleeves, but usually are sleeveless. When they do have sleeves, only one arm is covered. Clubbing or Party Clubbing or party dresses are woman's dresses that are worn while going out at night to a bar, club, or cocktail party. These dresses fit many categories. However, they are usually short and tight fitting. All of these dresses can vary in prices. This can range from cheap dresses costing less than twenty dollars to the high end costing hundreds or thousands of dollars.
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