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Valentine's Wish List

by:Sunspice      2020-05-11
Valentine's Day reminds us of the sensual side of our relationships: it's a day to show someone you love them through chocolates, flowers, luxury lingerie, poems and presents. But we should also take this day to breathe a bit of flirty fun into our sex lives. So what do we want? And what should we work on to obtain that spark in the bedroom? A Worshipping Partner A partner who wants to show you how desired you are is at the top of anyone's wish list when it comes to relationships. Everyone wants to be worshiped like a god or goddess at least once a year if not all of the time - this is the sexiest thing a man can do for his partner. No one wants to be taken for granted, so don't stand for it. Have you considered what turns him on? It's important to know yourself as well as your man. Novelty Factor Something new: whether you have been in a relationship 3 months or 20 years, variety is the spice of life, so let's mix it up a bit. You never know - you might learn something about yourself or/and your partner; it could be the start of a whole new era in your sexual relationship. Routine can be the death kiss for many relationships. Whether it be date nights, role-plays or dressing up, keep it fresh and fun; not everything out there is going to be everyone's cup of tea but use what works for you. Confidence: Be Happy in Your Skin This applies to men and women, love your body - every curve and blemish. Confidence is the sexiest thing in a partner, and hiding under the covers, being too shy to get undressed does not bode well for a night a passion. If you aren't happy then do something about it, exercise, diet, talk to your partner or dress so you feel great - whatever helps with your confidence - just do it. Sexy Lingerie This leads us nicely onto your bedroom attire. Do you think about what lingerie you wear? If not, try this: go and buy a new lingerie set, something that is flattering, whether it be a basque and low legged briefs or a sexy, slinky chemise which you wear over your lingerie to act as a slip. Play to your attributes, accentuate the bits you like and play down the bits you don't. Then wear this carefully selected lingerie to work one day. You will walk taller, feel fabulous and will not be able to wait to return home and be swept upstairs for a bit of passion before dinner.
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