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What Lies Beneath - Bridal Lingerie and Hosiery

by:Sunspice      2020-06-13
You have spent months, in some cases years planning your special day. Bridesmaids are chosen, venue is booked, invitations are posted, the cake is bought, the list is may have been lucky enough to know exactly what your dream dress looks like and have been envisaging it for years and all you have to do now is purchase it. For those of you who don't have a clue what you want you will have searched endlessly through magazines and surf the internet etc. Celebrity weddings begin to appeal to us so we can gain hints and tips on what's hot and what's not in today's styles. We may want to emulate a certain celebrity style or we simply may want to stay clear of the whole celebrity scene altogether. What ever your path is to finding your dream dress, it is a road we all love to take. It is exciting and something that you have prepared for a long time. During this time have you thought about what lies beneath your dress? Choosing your lingerie and hosiery is equally as important. You want to be comfortable and confident on your special day. Choose the wrong underwear and it may leave you feeling pinched, sore and take your mind off the celebrations themselves. I would advise visiting a lingerie shop that offers a fitting service. The correct fitting bra/lingerie is essential for your big day. The last thing you need is for your straps to keep falling down and for your knicker elastic to dig into your flesh. How many times have we had a bad bra day and reached for the old faithfuls to avoid being uncomfortable? You won't want this on your wedding day. Bras and lingerie fitted properly will make such a difference to how you look and feel. If you have a tight fitting wedding dress you may want to opt for a corset. There are some beautiful designs on the market today. However make sure it is fitted correctly. Test it out whilst standing up and sitting down as it may restrict you or even bunch up and look unsightly. Some corsets may even restrict you and cause you to feel faint. The experts in this field will be able to assist you. A corset can emulate your figure and can make you look stunning. Last but not least you need to consider your legwear. Do you opt for tights, stockings or hold ups? This is purely a personal choice and one which your dress may depict. Again if you are wearing a tight fitting dress you may want to opt for hold ups or tights. However if you are wearing a corset there may be scope to attach the stockings to the corset, but you must be careful not to risk the overall look of your dress by being able to see the straps etc. For wide fitting and flowing dresses stockings and suspender belts would be perfect. Hold ups are a modern day alternative to stockings and can be worn with any style wedding dress. There are some beautiful bridal hold ups on the market at the moment. I remember when the thought of wearing hold ups filled me with dread as they would be falling around your ankles before you could get out of the door. However modern technology has worked wonders where hold ups are concerned. They are manufactured to the highest standards with nylon and spandex. They more often than not have a wide lace top band around the thigh for durability and comfort. They are beautiful and sexy, perfect to finish off your wedding outfit. Just imagine your grooms face when he peels back your wedding dress to seek out your garter and he is faced with the beautiful lace top of your hold ups or stockings! Prior to purchasing your wedding outfit. Take your lingerie and hosiery along to the bridal shop and try everything on together. Check your silhouette and see how your undergarments look with the style of dress you have. If it is wrong then you have time to choose a different set. Don't leave it until the last minute. Wear your bra around the house for a few days, get the feel for it. Make sure everything is a comfortable as it can be, it's going to be a long day. Remember ladies that taking the time to choose your lingerie and hosiery should be just as important as choosing your dress. It could mean the difference between feeling sexy and confident or feeling uncomfortable and frustrated at how your underwear is performing. If you have the correct underwear and legwear it will free you up to enjoy your day because you will not give what lies beneath a second thought. Top tip ladies... If wearing hold ups, do not moisturise after bathing as your hold ups will end up around your ankles and that way you surely will be a truly blushing bride! Enjoy your special day.
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