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Wholesale Dress Shirts for Women

by:Sunspice      2020-07-10
Women and fashion are synonymous to each other and when you talk about fashion how can you not talk about wholesale dress shirts? These are shirts that women can team up with formal trousers, casual trousers or even skirts for that matter. For every woman it is essential that the garment she wears compliments her figure and makes her look attractive and smart. These cuts, fits and designs are not possible in the non-branded apparels as compared to the branded apparel. But what about the cost of buying these branded dress shirts? This is where wholesale dress shirts come to your rescue; they are the branded shirts that you see in any exclusive branded retail outlet but at a huge discount. Understanding the Business Dynamics of Wholesale: When we speak the work 'wholesale' we mean buyers who pick up merchandise in bulk. They may do so from the manufacturer directly or have a tie-up with low-cost manufacturers and suppliers. Due to the bulk purchasing, they have a cost advantage which only a wholesaler can afford and not a retailer. This discount is then passed on to the customer. This way, if you purchase from a wholesaler, you get massive discounts and you can purchase more garments for the price you would have otherwise spent on one garment. Expanding Your Product Line: If you are looking at wholesale dress shirts as a business proposition, first you have io design your product line that you plan to sell. For this you should primarily understand the demands, needs, preferences and aspirations of the target group. Here your target group would mostly comprise of young women ranging from the age group of a teenager to regular office goers. The needs of the target group can be divided in two categories: what they need as of today and what they may need as of tomorrow. The products that fall in these two categories would comprise of your product line. The inspirational needs of the target group would show you the direction in which your business could grow if nurtured well. For this you need to understand the needs the women may have or which they nurture in their hearts but have not been able to express so far. For example every woman aims to be the most stunning and would love to dress like a diva; you can tap this inspirational need in her by including such attire in your product line and give out special offers and promotions to make her buy the product. This way you have created a new need and increased demand. Similarly, apart from formal dress shirts try to introduce various apparels that can be worn for formal and casual occasions in terms of tops and bottoms. Add in the accessories too for the complete look and your customer is guaranteed to stay loyal to you as long as you keep your product line rich and innovative along with the price advantage. Wholesale is a very competitive market with wholesalers importing from various countries where the cost of labor and material is a fraction and this results in goods that are as good in quality but priced very nominally. This is one business that would never go out of fashion as women would always love to dress well and would continue to buy irrespective of how many clothes they have in their wardrobe. You can get into the business of not just wholesale dress shirts but also pants, jackets, skirts, dresses, accessories, shoes, coats, clubwear, swimwear and become the one stop shopping destination for women worldwide.
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