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Womans Halloween Costumes - Oh How to Decide!

by:Sunspice      2020-07-15
Well it is that time of year again and we have to make the big decision of what we are going to wear to our Halloween Parties. You know I love Halloween, getting all the decorations, stocking up on all the treats and getting the families costumes for the big parties. But it really can be a dilemma as to what to wear. I have friends who wear the same costumes year in year out, I also have friends who try and out beat everyone with the best costume. You know a lot of couples dress up as a duo like Sonny and Cher or Dolly Parton and Kenny Rodgers or Gangster/mole female and Gangster male. Some more ideas might be, can you believe this: one goes as Bacon and the other goes as an Egg or Plug and Socket. Wow this is really using your imagination. I bet you wouldn't find anybody else at your party dressed like that. I know that choosing my costume this year was different than most years as I was feeling pretty sexy as I lost a few pounds so I have chosen a Sexy Wonder Woman Costume. But each to their own, some others I was really keen on were Corrupt female Cop and a Pretty little golfer in short skirt. They also have many outfits for the larger ladies, plus sizes which are still very sexy if you ask me. Then you have the more tradition ones of a female Vampire, Cheerleaders, Fairies, Witches, Southern Belle dress, Wartime Officer and the list goes on
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